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Protest against the comeback of the castor transports

Open Letter

We, The Green Party of Denmark, hereby protest against the comeback of the castor transports and go along with the criticism and the resistance recently manifested by the French Green Party and Greenpeace in France and the resolutions, published by Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire, BUND and die BasisGrüne.

We hereby declare our intention of sending a team of green activists to participate in the non-violent protest against the castor transport from La Hague to Gorleben the end of March or the beginning of April. We have encouraged several Danish environmental organizations to do the same.

Obviously, we recognize the vast historical impact, The Green Party of Germany has had and still has on the phasing out of the German nuclear power plants and understand how difficult it must be to administer an agreement with the atomic industry that is the best attainable agreement under the circumstances, but widely unpopular with the anti-nuclear movement.
In our opinion the resistance has to be internationalized in order to succeed and the struggle against the European atomic lobby that the Green Party of Germany and the German anti-nuclear movement so succesfully have carried out in Germany should spread to all of the countries that have not yet given up the exploitation of nuclear energy.

In Scandinavia we foresee difficulties deriving from the phasing out of the atomic plant in Barsebäck that currently is a threat to millions of people living in the Øresund region and we intend to prepare the members of our party and it's activists for the resistance that it will be necessary to carry out if not this proces has to be prolonged indefinetely.
By participating in the protests in Wendland we actually think that we are helping ourselves too.

Sincerely yours


Anders Wamsler        Rune Bjerremand Niels        Henrik Hooge